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Specialist Dementia Care For The Elderly

Is It Time For Specialist Dementia Care For Your Loved One?
Dementia is a degenerative condition. Unfortunately there is currently no cure so there comes a time in each person’s journey with the disease when you need to consider full time residential care.

Perhaps your loved one is prone to wandering off, or they forget potentially hazardous things like turning the gas off or perhaps the burden of full time care has just become too much to bear on your own.

If this is the case for you we have some good news

Specialist Residential Care Can Have Very Beneficial Consequences 
That’s right – If you choose the right home.

Here’s why.

Trying to cope on your own with someone who has dementia can be both physically and mentally exhausting. You need to be constantly vigilant to help them avoid getting in trouble and the truth is it’s just impossible for one person to do this effectively full time. Even with the support of other family members and friends it can lead to exhaustion, frustration and even depression.

Far better to let the main burden of care and responsibility rest with a care home who have staff to comfortably deal with it 24 hours a day. This will leave you feeling refreshed and eager to spend more quality time with your loved one, whether at the home or outside it.

Better Understanding
In addition our understanding of dementia has improved dramatically over the last few years. Our staff is now trained by leading experts to fully understand those who are living with the condition and to be able to provide the endless patience and love that your loved one needs.

An Environment Specially Adapted For Those Living With Dementia
It has also been proven that environments that are specially adapted for those with dementia can dramatically improve their quality of life. Looked at through the eyes of someone who has dementia the world can look very different and is often confusing and threatening.

Here at Moors Park you’ll find that we have introduced many dementia friendly adaptations to the fabric of the building that will help your loved one to stay calm and relaxed.

For example you’ll find that each door has dementia friendly signage to make it easy to recognise what room it is. This applies equally to your loved one’s bedroom door which will also be personalised with their name and picture to aid recognition.

Dementia Friendly Activities
Although there is no cure for dementia, the onset of the disease can often be held at bay much longer.

We use many dementia friendly activities to achieve this. For example, certain types of memories like singing old songs and how to care for other people and animals remain very strong in residents who have dementia.

By using carefully designed and co-ordinated activities that use these skills, life can still be great fun and very rewarding even for someone with quite advanced dementia.

Are You A Good Fit For Moors Park?
We specialise in caring for people who have early to mid onset dementia. All our residents, both those who have dementia and those who don’t, mix together in one big friendly community.

We find this is extremely beneficial in helping those with dementia to live as normal and fulfilling a life for as long as possible. 

The Next Step
If you’re considering full time residential care for your loved one the only way to properly assess a home’s suitability for their needs is to visit it. We believe you’ll be very impressed with what you find at Moors Park and would love to meet you and your loved one to discuss your requirements in more detail and to show you around the home.

You are most welcome to visit any time and the kettle is always on. However, if you’d like to discuss your requirements with one of our specialist dementia care team it is advisable to call in advance on 01626 572084 to make sure they are available.

Either way we look forward to meeting you!

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